"Mahnung" from Schoenberg's Brettl Lieder

Pianist: JJ Penna

Recorded by Goran Daskalov at the New England Conservatory of Music

April 2022

"Non, monsieur mon mari" from "Les Mamelles de Tirésias" (Poulenc)

Pianist: Ben Blozan

Recorded at Gate City Studios in Greensboro, North Carolina

From Harbison's Mirabai Songs:

"Why Mira Can't Go Back to her Old House"

Doctoral Recital, New England Conservatory

Pianist: Chelsea Whitaker

From Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire: "Mondestrunken"

NEC Contemporary Ensemble

Piano: Ariel Mo, Violin: Emma Carlton, Cello: Robbie Bui, Flute: Xiaoyu Lin

 Jordan Hall

February 2020