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NATSAA Finals Concert


Watch Emily's winning performance at the link below. Emily's performance is from 24:15-38:09

A Restoration Era MacBeth with the Henry Purcell Society of Boston

"Come, Let Us Howl" from The Duchess of Malfi (John Webster) 

Witches 1 and 2 (Emily Siar and David Thomas Mather), Ian Watson and the HPSOB orchestra

June 2022

"Soir Païen" by Philippe Gaubert

Piano: Grace Spicuzza

Flute: Linda Toote

Recorded at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee

February 2023

"Mahnung" from Schoenberg's Brettl Lieder

Pianist: JJ Penna

Recorded by Goran Daskalov at the New England Conservatory of Music

April 2022

"Mondestrunken" from Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire

NEC Contemporary Ensemble

Piano: Ariel Mo, Violin: Emma Carlton, Cello: Robbie Bui, Flute: Xiaoyu Lin

 Jordan Hall

February 2020

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